Senior Consultant

KPMG Lower Gulf, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Oct 2021 – Present Senior Consultant - Jun 2020 – Oct 2021 Consultant - Mar 2020 – June 2020 Trainee

  • Worked on projects in a diverse range of fields such as Urban Planning, Transport, Government, Real Estate, City Planning, Leveraged Trading, Finance, HR, Procurement

  • Assisting entities in improving the maturity of their data management practice through the creation of policies, processes, and developing a robust target operating model

  • Lead, assisted and trained entities on incorporating the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA), National Data Management Office (NDMO), and the Data Management framework (DAMA), as well as conducting capability assessments based on the Data Management Capability Assessment Model (DCAM) in order to create data management policies, standards, controls, and initiatives

  • Worked as part of a larger team to set up the data management practice, including current state assessment, gap analysis, data management implementation roadmap, change management plan, and identifying KPIs for reporting, as well as potential for advanced analytics use cases

  • Developing governance frameworks, target operating models, analytics frameworks, data quality frameworks, and open data frameworks and plans

  • Designed data management process maps using ARIS, Visio, and Erwin and guided clients on implementation of these process flows

  • Conducting and developing data management, data governance, and data management tool trainings to 200+ participants

  • Experience with data transformation projects to establish a modern data landscape with advanced analytic capabilities

  • Worked in projects to conduct requirement gathering sessions used to consolidate reporting requirement as well as data quality requirement while designing and developing complex reports and dashboards to meet business requirements

  • Provide coaching and training to various data governance roles and stakeholders on data strategy, data management, data governance, using an enterprise data catalog, data quality, and using reporting tools

  • Supported teams in building an enterprise data model and ultimately an enterprise data warehouse resulting in reports for applications and analytics use cases

  • Designed and developed change management plans for the adoption of data management activities and developed content for newsletters and circulars to be released to all staff

  • Led teams to design, develop, and deploy a data quality framework using SQL queries to build data quality rules and connect to reporting platforms (Qlik and Power BI) to be able to measure and monitor data quality rules

  • Conducted multiple series of trainings and workshops on data governance and data management to data stewards and data owners

  • Conducted series of trainings and workshops on business intelligence and reporting and the use of reporting tools such as Power BI

  • Conducted series of trainings to data stewards and data owners on data cataloging activities and the use of data cataloging tools such as Informatica’s Enterprise Data Catalog

  • Lead a team to create, design, develop, and deploy a data quality framework accompanied by a data quality engine using SQL queries to build data quality rules and monitor those rules using a reporting tool as well as operationalizing the framework entity-wide.

Duty Manager

The Juffair Grand Hotel, Juffair, Bahrain

Oct 2017 – Oct 2018

  • Ensuring guest and employee satisfaction while maximizing financial performance of the department

  • Working closely with other managers and employees to carry out procedures ensuring an efficient check-in and check-out process while meeting quality standards

  • Handling complaints, settling disputes, resolving conflicts, and conducting negotiations as required

  • Ensuring efficient channels are in place to regularly communicate with employees regarding their goals and aligning them with the department/business objectives

  • Mentor, lead, and motivate staff, while empowering them to provide excellence; providing training and orientation sessions for all new recruits

  • Creating incentive schemes for upsells and positive guest review feedback

  • Interacting with guests on a regular basis to obtain feedback on quality of service, overall satisfaction, and willingness to return

  • Setting up same-day selling procedures and assisting in room inventory management to maximize room revenue and control property occupancy

  • Working closely with IT and PMS team to enhance automation efforts in the reservation system

  • Analyze market conditions and revenue generating opportunities

  • React to any shortfalls against budget and co-ordinate implementation of tactical offers

  • Evaluate performance of distribution partners and contracted rates (OTA, FIT, tour operator, corporate, consortia, crew, groups, etc.)

  • Assisting in the preparation of competitive analysis reporting and providing feedback during market sales strategy meetings

  • Providing information for forecasting, potential business market, targets, and aims for financial expectation during key peak season

  • Assisting reservation team with determining rate, monitoring forecasted demand, updating group forecasting, and running daily system checks

  • Utilize rate comparison reports to identify and react to pricing opportunities within the hotels competitive sets

  • Competitor pricing and knowledge for all market segments and seasonal rate positioning within the hotels competitive set

  • Facilitate and lead daily revenue, weekly yield and monthly revenue meetings with measurable outputs

  • Development of high contribution distribution channels and ability to rapidly understand/highlight market trends

Research Analyst

Oct 2021 – Present Senior Consultant - Jun 2020 – Oct 2021 Consultant - Mar 2020 – June 2020 Trainee


Economic Impact of Tourism in Kissimmee

  • Tasks include interviewing tourists at hotels, events, resorts, timeshares, and parks in the Kissimmee area

  • Primary Data Collection Project: Survey included a two-page questionnaire to analyze detailed spending habits and budget constraints of each traveler

  • All surveys were completed by entering information collected into Qualtrics

  • Part of team that exported data into SPSS to generate results and submit reports of data indexes

  • Trained new recruits (surveyors)

  • Results obtained measured total expenditure within Kissimmee in correlation with specific location where results were obtained

  • Applied statistical techniques to interpret data and produce substantiated recommendations

  • Provide recommendations for feasible methods for market penetration

  • Results were provided to the Kissimmee Tourism Bureau

Elements of Guest Delight: A Cultural Analysis

  • Tasks include interviewing tourists at The Crowne Plaza Hotel on Orlando

  • Primary Data Collection Project: Survey included a two-page open-ended questionnaire to analyze customer satisfaction as a tourist in Orlando

  • Discussions and interview included questions pertaining to analyzing Customer Delight and specifically understanding what they perceive as “exceeding expectations”

  • All survey results were analyzed using Content Analysis Method. Unique numerical codes were assigned to each category type

  • Codes compiled were completed by entering information collected into Qualtrics

  • Exported data into SPSS to generate results and submit reports of Data Indexes

  • Implemented Customer Segmentation using key demographics

  • Make recommendations for feasible methods for market penetration

Targeted Tourism

  • Tasks include interviewing tourists at an annual event in Orlando

  • Primary Data Collection Project: Survey included a four-page scenario-based questionnaire to analyze a segment of tourist’s perception in Orlando

  • Research design was a 2 (segment friendliness: yes vs. no) x 2 (service encounter: positive vs. negative) between-subject experiment

  • Service encounter was manipulated by the employee attitudes and behavior: helpful and friendly (positive) versus indifferent and unpleasant (negative)

  • Reports designed to provide managerial implications for Hotel’s to cater to special segment of tourists

  • Project included recommendations on new innovations in the area of market research and create new ways to meet the needs of a changing marketplace

Hotel Remodeling Design Feasibility

  • Part of the design team focused on conducting a feasibility study on potential meeting space

  • Responsibilities included coordinating activities, designing drafts and conducting research on internal and external design elements, including legal constraints and regulations, permits required, and construction protocols to consider